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Balustrades and Railings

A baluster which is also called spindle or stair stick is a carved post that is installed under a railing to support the upper length and to provide security for multiple purposes. The constant row of balusters is also known as balustrades. This is a supporting and protecting barrier which is commonly used on stairs and balconies.

Balustrades are commonly used with railings which can be in a circular, square or any other shape. These railings are often installed on the outside open places of a residential or commercial building such as house balconies, rooftops and top open floors of a skyscraper.

The key purposes of installing balustrades are for safety, protection of toddlers and purely for decorative purposes.

There are many materials available for balustrades other than the most common and traditional material, wood. Nowadays people use steel, stainless steel, wrought iron frames and glass panels for balustrades. Although the glass panels are installed in steel frames, there are special kinds of balustrades available that does not include any kind of steel or iron.

Features and Benefits

  • The most important benefit of using balustrades is to provide safety for children and adults. Balconies are usually 15-20 feet high above the ground.
  • Balustrades on staircases provide support for elderly people who cant go up or come down without holding on to something.
  • Balustrades also provide extra protection on staircases for eliminating the chances of slipping.
  • Balustrades used on bridge sides and river banks protect animals, people and vehicles from falling in the water and risking their lives.

Common Materials and Parts of a Balustrade

  • Steel balustrades: This is the most common and secure balustrade type available in the market and people usually prefer steel frames due to their strength and fancy looks. Commonly, a steel balustrade has these components: upright balustrade post, tubes and bars for inner frame, wall mounts, and baluster base cover caps and mounting brackets.
  • Glass balustrades: Glass balustrades are also widely used in residential buildings. This balustrade is very strong and if you are using high strain glass, it provides extra protection. The main components of glass balustrades are: baluster posts for glass clamps, multi-shape glass clamps, glass adapters, glass panels and security pins.
  • Wooden balustrades: Due to the price and maintenance of wood, residents prefer using wooden balustrades. Common components of a wooden balustrade include newel posts, molded spindles, vertical columns, handrail and base-rail.

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