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Aluminium Balustrades

Aluminium Balustrades - Top Quality and Low Maintenance!

A balustrade is a railing that is fixed on the stairs for support and safety purposes. Many materials are used for this purpose including aluminium.

Aluminium balustrades are used widely these days and are mostly used for their mechanical properties. Aluminium is durable than other materials and has the same strength as steel but costs way less than that.

The best thing about aluminium balustrades is that it's a tough material but still has the flexibility to bend in any shape and angle. This way, home owners can design their own balustrades without choosing one from a list.

Aluminium balustrades are usually made with a single material for vertical pillars, lengths and support brackets but you can also find aluminium frames to install wooden or glass panels in it.  There are many kinds of aluminium balustrades available in the market including simple and plain balustrade, moderate with customized designing and styling and with glass panels as secondary balustrade material with exterior frame of aluminium bars.

Why choose Aluminium Balustrades?

  • Aluminium doesn't rust and highly durable for open use.
  • Its outer surface is finished with high quality coating so it doesn't need paint.
  • Aluminium is a tough material so it can bear bumps and human strikes.
  • Aluminium balustrades are welded in manufacturing plants so it's faster for installing purposes on all kinds of sites.
  • Outer surface of aluminium balustrades are quite smooth and sleek.
  • Aluminium resists all kinds of scratches and it's impossible to chip the surface.


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