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Disabled Handrails

Disabled Handrails - Low cost and Easy to Install!

The main logic why people install handrails is for additional safety and support around their home or workplaces.

Disabled handrails are made for easy installation. Many modern handrails are uniquely designed to support individuals with special cases such as blindness and ambulatory disabilities. Each handrail is made safer, durable and comfortable to use hence can withstand a certain amount of stress.

In public areas, disabled handrails are made of steel or aluminium pipe. A certain type of handrail is being used in walkways, stairways and wheelchair ramps. Like in walkways, the rails are extended parallel or inclined to the ground.

Each rail is specifically designed with purpose. At home, it is often made of reinforced nylon or pvc pipe. A grab bar; a shortened handrail made by nylon is typically being used in the bathroom for support. While suicide-proof handrails are mostly used in hospitals, especially the psychiatric ward to ensure that patients cannot tie anything around the rail.

Why choose Disabled Handrails?

  • This is a helpful aid for disabled individuals in the aspect of being self-reliant.
  • It is a specialized support service that help disabled individuals triumph over a certain hindrance.
  • This promotes self-esteem and productivity for disabled ones as they can feel better about themselves not being dependent to anyone.
  • No special tools or skills are needed in assembling.
  • Cost-effective and low skilled workforce is required.
  • It aids in rehabilitation process.
  • It prevents injury by serving as a grip to avoid slip incidents.
  • It gives additional safety.


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