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Glass Balustrades

Glass Balustrades - Protective and Stylish!

When you are fencing a pool or framing your balcony, you should consider use of glass balustrades. Glass allows you to have a clear view and adds a touch of class to your home. The tinted glass does not obscure your view at all. Glass balustrades are also pretty when used to cover the staircases. They look perfect for the facades and the front of arcades as they offer a chic look.

Glass balustrades block the wind or acts as the wind breaker around the swimming pool and balcony. You are able to enjoy direct sunlight when relaxing and swimming. This type of balustrades can also be used for exterior applications such as room partitions, mezzanines or handrails.

In Australia, we have two main types of glass that is framed or frameless which can be used for balustrades installation. With the help of a qualified glass specialist, you get the benefit of selecting the best option that suits you and your lifestyle. We have three glass balustrade fixing options which include channel fitting, point fixed and vice fixing.

Why choose Glass Balustrades?

  • The glass used on balustrades is usually toughened to deal with daily life hard knocks.
  • The glass design is safe and complies with your suburb safety requirement and building codes.
  • Easy to clean glass balustrades especially the glass applied with protective coating.
  • You are able to maintain home privacy especially when the glass is tinted.
  • You get a chance to contribute your own design and style by choosing one of many decorative glass effects e.g. decorative laminating or frosting.
  • Glass balustrades add value to your property.
  • Allows one to enjoy sunbath while relaxing at the balcony or swimming pool.
  • Tempered glass balustrades are remarkably strong and durable.


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