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Glass Railings

Glass Railings - Modern and Classy!

The glass railings can be designed for both interior and exterior purposes. This type of railing will enhance your building safety and satisfy your railing needs.

In the market today, we have strong and durable glass railings with up to three tempered laminated glass thickness which assures security. Most glass railings can hold and support heavy weights.

You can use glass railings on your balcony or staircase to make them aesthetically pleasing. The standoff glass railing system is designed for ramp areas, guard rails and stairway. This railing type can be used for your deck applications, pool fencing and balcony.

Installation of glass railings needs qualified and skilled personnel to do the job for you. The architects should be in a position to advice on the best type of glass to use plus the tint colour. The tinted glass, especially on deck railings will definitely match your house windows and deters birds accidentally hitting the glass.

The glass used for balcony, pools and decks should be shatter-resistant and safety-tempered. Ensure the glass railing edges are polished to avoid injuries and accidents. You should consider the glass type, your budget, labour and maintenance costs, and research on the best local glass company before installing glass railings. Also check with your local authority about building restrictions.

Why choose Glass Railings?

  • Glass railings add value to your property.
  • Glass railings give a clear visual appearance.
  • Tempered glass is not affected by harsh weather conditions.
  • Glass does not stain and is easy to clean.
  • It enhances safety on the balcony, decks and pool by preventing accident falls.
  • Gives you a welcoming and relaxing mood at home.
  • Allows direct sunlight to penetrate your deck, balcony or pool hence giving you the privilege to enjoy sunbaths.
  • Well-designed glass railing is aesthetically appealing and pleasing.


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