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Grab Rails

Grab Rails - Low Maintenance Cost!

Grab rails are extensively used for many commercial and domestic purposes. The main reason for installing grab rails is to provide support and safety.

Grab rails are mostly available in standardized stainless steel and plastic materials. They vary in size, colour and design. Steel rails are polished and different kinds of grab rails are available at different service providers for various obstacles.

Grab rails provide easy grips. Stainless steel grab rails are galvanized with powder coatings, making them not too cold to touch. There are various types of grab rails and the most popular and cost-effective amongst them are the standard grab rails.

Standard grab rails can be used for all environments as they are straight in shape and available in stylish colours.  Drop down and shower grab rails can be used for bathrooms. The types and materials are selected by the customer's requirements and property needs.

Why choose Grab Rails?

  • Grab rails provide support to the elderly and disabled people for a number of occasions.
  • They are available at the railings and balusters manufacturing companies in a variety of heights, shapes and sizes and are installed accordingly.
  • Anyone can grab the bathroom grab rails to prevent falls on the slippery floor.
  • Steel fittings and brackets of different shapes are installed according to the specific regions.
  • Grab rails and balustrades are available in stainless steel, wooden, metallic and plastic materials.
  • Welding and drilling isn't required when installing grab rails.¬†They are supplied with pre-holed holders.
  • Grab rails require low maintenance. In case of any damages, they can be replaced easily.


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