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Handrails - Strong and Stylish!

Handrails are rails designed to provide support or stability while descending or ascending escalators or stairways. We also have bathroom handrails which assist in preventing falls from wet or slippery floor. Barres are used by ballet dancers during dance training and warm up exercises.

Buildings should be easily usable and accessible by persons with disability. Handrails play a big role in guiding people who are visually challenged. Handrails provide comfort and safety especially to individuals with movement challenges.

Handrails or railings meet the disabilities act requirement in most Australian states. The law suggests that all new and existing public and commercial accommodation facilities and buildings should be usable and accessible by the disabled.

Installing a strong and stylish handrail for your office or work will surely add building security, appealing aesthetic and its overall beauty. A well-designed wood or stainless steel railing enhances a touch of class to your building stairway.

Prior to handrail installation, you need to consider colour, design, cost, space and material. You can never go off beam if you take time to select, plan and prepare handrail installations.

Why choose Handrails?

  • They add value to the exterior of your building.
  • Handrails are mostly found in areas where there is public traffic.
  • In some cases they are a used to define space.
  • Handrails can be customized to fit your unique design requirements.
  • Railings play a big role in enhancing the safety of individuals with disability especially those who are visually impaired.


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