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Modular Balustrades

Modular Balustrades - Onsite flexibilty!

Modular balustrades are installed to obtain extreme security and safety. They can be installed for a wide range of applications.

Steel fittings and brackets are used to firmly fix the balustrades on the ground. Modular balustrades are available in a variety of materials, all flexible and durable. These balustrades are available in stylish designs and handrails for extra support.

Modular balustrades can be used for industrial and domestic purposes according to the customer's requirements. The modular construction of steel and aluminium balustrades are powder coated to obtain a galvanized finish. This coating reduces the chances of corrosion, hence provides a low maintenance service.

The balustrades do not require any kind of welding or drilling, they can be fixed permanently and tightened by strong hexagon fittings. The modular fittings can hold a maximum load of 900 kg with efficiency.

Why to choose Modular Balustrades?

  • Colourful modular balustrades of all materials can visually attract people at public places.
  • Modular balustrades are suitable for staircases, stables, walkways, platforms, factory boundaries and barriers, pedestrians barriers, and for many other options.
  • A modular balustrade having a blend of steel and aluminium can provide a high aesthetic look and a smooth effect.
  • The nylon coated aluminium and wooden balustrades can beautify the environment of industries and residents.
  • Modular balustrades are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • These balustrades suit all designs and are manufactured with selective infill.
  • Modular glass balustrades are made with tempered toughened glass infill and are installed vertically or horizontally through steel bars.


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