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Railings - Safe and Durable!

To enhance and maintain your building safety, you should install railings or guard rail around hazardous areas, mezzanines, ramps, accessible roofs, galleries stairs, balconies, and raised platforms above 4,000 millimeters high. Windows that are above 1,000 millimeters from landing stairways should also have railings.

The design of the railings should be strong so that they can support heavy load. The design also suggests how you will mount them on the wall or any other supporting structure.

Railings can be used to enhance safety to both interior and exterior of the building. The guard rails are utilized as barriers to keep vehicles or people from trespassing off-limits zones, private properties, functions or straying into dangerous areas. These rails provide privacy, protection, safety and support. They also give your deck a lasting impression and a flashy look by customizing the design or style to your unique requirement.

When planning to install the railings at your office or home, confirm building regulations from your area building council and get the minimum and maximum height of your railing. Factors to consider include material, purpose of use and cost of the railings and labour.

Why choose Railings?

  • Railings provide security and keep intruders away.
  • They add beauty to your deck.
  • Add value of your property.
  • Enhance and maintain safety to the disabled.
  • When used along the roads, they reduce accident chances between the cyclists or pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Durable and harsh weather-resistant especially with metal railings.
  • You can have your customized railings design.


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