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Steel Balustrades

Steel Balustrades - Strong and Secure!

Steel has the strength which is needed for balustrade and railing purposes. Steel balustrades can be installed at almost all locations to provide safety and security.

Steel balustrades are used for both residential and commercial purposes. The steel material is galvanized, powder coated and treated with safe chemicals to prevent corrosion and rust to a great extent. It is an ideal fencing and balustrades option to be used at all public places and industrial areas.

Although steel is a tough material, it also has a natural property of flexibility to bend in any shape and design. Due to this reason, there are no hard corners and sharp edges on the steel balustrades and they are always very smooth outside.

With steel balustrades, you have many choices. You can go with steel as the primary and secondary material or you can install glass panels inside the steel frames.

Why choose Steel Balustrades?

  • Steel is a perfect material for balustrades as it is corrosion and rust-free.
  • Railings on staircases always receive bumps and go through worst situations and steel is the ultimate material to install for those conditions.
  • Its outer surface is finished with a number of polishes so there is no need to apply paint or varnish for protection of the balustrade.
  • Steel is cheaper than wrought iron or wooden balustrades.
  • Steel balustrades don't need high maintenance or periodic repair so it's very cost effective too.
  • When you want to replace or change steel balustrades, it has good scrap value for recycling purposes.


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