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Timber Balustrades

Timber Balustrades - Natural and Elegant!

Timber balustrades add an ideal finishing touch to a house or a structure. It is manufactured and designed for easy installation in your indoor or outdoor area.

Timber balustrades serve as a customized decoration, a boundary, a division and for security. It is extensively highly versatile and one of its many advantages and differences is that, choosing a range between natural colours provides real interest and aesthetic quality. Once timber balustrades are correctly installed, sealed and painted, it will last a lifetime.

The captivity of its design is tested by enormous products that outburst in the industry nowadays. Because of timber balustrades' uniqueness and durability, it has remained to be the costumer's number one choice in terms of adding a classical concept to their houses or buildings.

Many have proven and tested timber balustrades' quality and durability as years gone by. Great evidence is that many of the ancestral houses that have timber balustrades installed remain existing and still well-furnished. Thus, the idea of installing timber balustrades is very exemplary.

Why choose Timber Balustrades?

  • Timber balustrades can be used as a division. This could separate a room from a hallway.
  • The design of timber balustrades can compliment the total decoration of the property's structure.
  • Timber balustrades are very durable and last more than a century.
  • Timber balustrades are affordable and easy to install.
  • The eye-catching beauty of timber balustrades can also hide the storage area under the stairs.
  • Timber balustrades can provide you classical years of service with minimal maintenance.


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