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Wrought Iron Balustrades

Wrought Iron Balustrades - Economical and Durable!

The word "wrought iron" means a special type of iron which can be reformed and bent according to the customer's requirements. It is made of durable materials like iron, copper, stainless steel, brass and other metallic materials.

Wrought iron balustrades are a waist-high barrier and are designed to protect someone from falling. Nowadays, many manufacturers make wrought iron balustrades of cement, alloy, stone or metal. Some wrought iron balustrades are even carved. If you live in a cottage or in a luxurious house in the mountains, the verandah is one of the most attractive places in a house.

Wrought iron balustrades create a high regard of your property and gives a peaceful and harmonic ambiance. It provides the front of your home the right facelift - adding instant vogue and supplementary security to your home. With wrought iron balustrades, you are assured that your kids are safe because of the adaptation of the design to ensure maximum safety.

Why choose Wrought Iron Balustrades?

  • Durable:  Wrought iron balustrades are made from a mild form of steel or cast iron, thus making it highly durable and ensure extreme security in the environment.
  • Economical:  Wrought iron balustrades are less expensive than other construction materials.
  • Easy to setup:  You can easily install wrought iron balustrades for your verandah and staircases. It is dependable and can easily carry a certain amount of weight and build strength in a structure.
  • Colourful:  Wrought iron balustrades are colourful like that of aluminum and other metals. It is available in various colours.
  • Attractive styles:  Customers can easily choose attractive styles according to their needs. It includes knuckle, twist, basket, gothic, contemporary or other custom designs.


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